When is the Last Time You Learned Something New?

WOW! It's November already! Where does the time go? Think, quick. We don't have much time before it's time to start planning for Thanksgiving, then shopping for Christmas, and  then goal-setting for the new year. Whew, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed already. Speaking of goals, mine this year were not terribly specific and maybe that's... Continue Reading →

“Some of God’s Greatest Gifts are Unanswered Prayers.”

This Week's Favorite Personal Moment: I think I watched my husband fall in love with me all over again last night. He watched TV as I lay on the other end of the couch playing on my tablet. I have this terrible or fun habit (depending on who's judging) of hearing a word or taking... Continue Reading →

Friends For Days Tag

I was quite surprised when I found myself Tagged by New Moon in this Friends for Days Tag created by Chelia from pinkfordays.  This tag led me on a wonderful ride through the blog world as I reviewed sites and posts to choose my top 5 recommendations.  Before I get into that list, let me say that New Moon's  posts are a... Continue Reading →

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