How I Lowered Blood Pressure-My Journey to Getting Off the Meds

August 2017 was my wake up call. I'd been checked into the hospital with stroke level blood pressure readings and it took them a couple of days to get my blood pressure to stay low at Hypertension stage 1 levels with medication and constant monitoring. Having to start taking blood pressure medicine every day didn't... Continue Reading →

When Sleep Goes Wrong (part 2)

My doctor has the same sign on the back of each patient room door. I must have looked at the sign but not really seen it for more than ten years. Do you snore? Do you snore loudly? Has anyone ever said that you gasp or stop breathing while you sleep? Do you experience any... Continue Reading →

When Sleep Goes Wrong (part 1)

Do you snore? I have for years. Of course, I'm a sleep and I don't know it. Do you snore loudly? My husband has said for years that I snore like a bear. Has anyone ever told you that you stop breathing when you sleep? Wait, I didn’t know that was happening. My family did,... Continue Reading →

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