Hello! My name is Sylvia Jo, and I believe in sharing. Not EVERYTHING, but if you’re looking for a short read that might bring a smile, a belly laugh, a slightly brighter day, or insights regarding overcoming life or general work obstacles then you might enjoy my stories.

Let me go ahead and share that this is my first blog and already, just one week in, I have made some comical mistakes–and I’ll also be writing about that. So if you’re interested in observing the blunders and successes of a first time blogger, subscribe and you’ll probably get some good chuckles as I learn.

Here you will find:

  • Personal funny experiences: If it happened to me, I find it funny, and if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, I’ll probably share it.
  • Childhood stories: I’m a New York born Puerto Rican raised in rural south Georgia since the age of 8 with so many stories from having lived in a children’s home and in foster care. Try not to think, “How sad.” It’s not sad. Many of my best memories and life lessons come from these years and shape who I am today.
  • College stories: Mostly the funny stuff like the time I got stuck in the newspaper box or lessons learned as I overcame my bad choices.
  • Family stories: Biological family, children’s home family, foster care family, now my own central family that includes a home with a husband, 2 stepsons, my retired biological mother and 3 dogs–I have so much family and so much to share about going from single to full house in a short time.
  • Management/leadership insights: I’ve been a supervisor/manager for more 17 years. I’m not sure I can put a time on how long I’ve been a leader or the leader that I want to be. There, I’m always learning, and as I learn and apply–I will share.

We all have stories and most people will be able to relate to many I plan to share. I hope to bring my readers smiles, laughter and sometimes insights about life.

Now, since I’m learning, I’d love love feedback. If you find a story relatable or insightful, if one makes you laugh, if you’d like to share funny experience of your own, or if you just want to give tips, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.








































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