What if you fly?

I know a writer. Even though he’s never been published, I consider him a writer. I’ve read somewhere, “If you write, then you are a writer.” Well this guy writes. Every day almost. Before work, during work, on breaks. He keeps a small notebook with him and writes and writes.

Over time, I learned he was working a novel and he even asked me to read it! What an honor! He’s got quite good story going.

“I heard there’s a new publishing company opening up in town,” I told him one day. “I hear they are looking for new writers. You should check them out.”

“I don’t know…” he said. My mouth dropped. fly 3

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” I asked.

“What if they don’t like the story?” He asked.

“But, what if they DO like it?” I said.

“What if it’s not good enough?” He asked.

“But, what if it IS good enough?” I asked him.

I’ve read some of his story. It’s good. I wondered why he was so focused on possible failure instead of possible success. I pressed and attempted to encourage him, “and if they don’t like it, you just take it somewhere else. Keep putting it out there until someone does take a chance on it.”

I walked away from that conversation wondering if he was going to at least try. Hoping he would. I hoped he would just go for it.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since that conversation and still it’s on my mind as I think of my own goals and dreams. As much as I wanted him to just do it, was I following this advice in my own life?

I write. Why aren’t I doing more with it? Are thoughts like, “What if it’s not good enough?” holding me back too? But, what if it is good enough?

At work, am I holding back ideas? What if they don’t like my idea? But what if they do?

Anytime we start something new, or decide to make a change, I bet most of us wonder “What if it doesn’t work.” and then we allow that thought to hold us back from ever starting or trying.

How many times have I let fear of failure hold me back? Is success as easy as focusing on the possibility of success? I don’t know, but, what if it is that easy? The change in perception may, at least, be what’s needed to spark action. Maybe with more action toward dreams and goals, we get a greater chance for success.

“But…what if you fly?”

Whenever I find myself asking, “What if it fails?” I hope to catch it, and ask myself “What if it works?” instead. If its something that could improve my life, my relationships or dreams. . . I plan to also take time to think of all things I could do, or all the actions I could take, to help it work. Then of course. . . Take ACTION.

Try it with me. The next time you find yourself asking “What if…”  spin it into a successful what if scenario before self doubt and fear can set in. Visualize the success. Think about what you have to do to make it successful and do something to work toward making it happen.

Let me know how it goes! Share your own “what if” story. I’d love to hear about it!

fly 4

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