When is the Last Time You Learned Something New?

WOW! It’s November already! Where does the time go? Think, quick. We don’t have much time before it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving, then shopping for Christmas, and  then goal-setting for the new year. Whew, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed already.

Speaking of goals, mine this year were not terribly specific and maybe that’s why I feel like I got more of it done. I didn’t get stressed over number, disappointed with lack of progress. I took a more relaxed approach: lose weight (I stayed the same), take at least 4 family trips (we did 3/4), write more (I started this blog, and wrote more than last year so that’s a start), learn something new (Learned how to start a blog, learned how to water color, and now learning to budget. . .really budget).

Today I came across this question, ” When was the last time you learned something new?” and it made me think of the thing’s I’ve learned this year.

Water color is the most fun  and rewarding activity on the list. I didn’t go to a class, and I am definitely still learning. Instead I used youtube as a guide for what to by, techniques to learn, and ideas to try. I never knew how much peace the act of painting (or trying to) could bring to the mind. On my most stressful days, just one hour of water color painting calms me and makes things right. Maybe I should water color as I try to help my stepson with common core math.

Albert Einstein said (or at least the internet says he said), “When you stop learning, you start dying.” What’s something you learned this year? What do you hope to learn next? Please share, I’d love to hear about it.

Here are a few samples of my very beginner works–nothing to write home about, but I like them.

7 thoughts on “When is the Last Time You Learned Something New?

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  1. Did you draw these pictures? I am learning something new almost every other day. Right now I am learning to live in the chaos and hopelessness. 🙂 Okay it is not as sad as it sounds. Because I am at peace.

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    1. Draw/painted… with water color 🎨
      Anything with a white silhouette is masking fluid or tape used to protect paper while I painted around it

      You say you are living in chaos and hopelessness. You always seem so positive…What’s going on?

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      1. Then they are so fucking awesome! I wish I could squeeze in time to just work on illustrator.

        Erm. You know the grateful practice and my morning rituals along with the small things that will surely go right most days. 🙂

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  2. The paintings are awesome, like Ice told you before. I would pay for them. Keep writing and moving toward your goals. I’m proud of how much you’ve accomplished this year personally. I know this has been a pretty interesting year for a lot of us, but you’ve done some great things and teach me every day.


    1. Awe Reggie! Thank you. I must say though … what you did this year …getting two books published and 2 in the works close to being published …also a few speaking engagements… I have been inspired by you! Whenever I got sucked into the video games … I’d see you making strides…and it would make me put the games down


      1. Well I’m glad I was able to inspire somebody! I appreciate that though I really do. But believe me you inspire more people than you realize myself included.


      2. Sometimes I don’t believe that we understand how much of an impact we make. But, believe me you’re definitely making more of an impact than you know. There’s a reason why I wanted to be an operations over prospects when I first got into management.


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