“Some of God’s Greatest Gifts are Unanswered Prayers.”

This Week’s Favorite Personal Moment:

I think I watched my husband fall in love with me all over again last night.

He watched TV as I lay on the other end of the couch playing on my tablet. I have this terrible or fun habit (depending on who’s judging) of hearing a word or taking the end of a person’s sentence and singing a song that corresponds with whatever was just said.

I heard the word ‘Thunder’  on the TV,” and I absentmindedly began singing “And the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes!”

Joe sat straight up, like lighting had indeed struck him. I expected a “Woman do you have to sing off key out here while I’m trying to watch my show (I sing off key a lot),” but instead he had this gleam in his eye as he said “Keep going. . .”

Hesitantly I continue . . .”Another love grows coooold on a sleepless niiiggghhht. . . ” and then ask, “Is this a test, cause I know my country music mister.”

Usually, I’m blaring classic rock, pop, hip-hop, 80’s, so I understood when suddenly he challenged my country knowledge, “Oh yeah?” he said, “Let’s see.” He whipped out his phone, searched for a song and played it. . . “Who’s this?”

Sometimes late at night, I lie awake and watch her sleeping… “GARTH BROOKS! If Tomorrow Never comes.” I yelled and we both started singing with the music.

You were the first thing that I thought of…  “When I thought I drank you off my miiiiinnd, CLINT BLACK.”

Papa brought flowers for mama today, and all the grown children, but it’s not mother’s day… “GEORGE JONES!”

Soon I started searching songs and challenging him too. I went with female singers, ones I thought he wouldn’t remember: Tanya Tucker, Lori Morgan, Pam Tillis.

One song, ‘Unanswered Prayers,’ by Garth Brooks made me think about the prayers I put out in my young life, trying to make a relationship work with a couple of past ex-boyfriends who I thought at the time were “the one.” Grateful now, that they weren’t because I love “the ONE” God sent me.  I thought about so many other things in life we ask for, pray for, later to be relieved that God overruled our requests.

We challenged each other, sang songs together, and discussed the history of songs for near about 2 hours, well past our bedtime. When I heard the word ‘thunder,” I don’t know why I started singing Garth Brooks when it’s much more like me to go with ACDC, but the moment created by the “Thunder Rolls,” fills my heart.

This Week’s Favorite New Blogger:

One of my constant battles with blogging is finding the right picture for what I want to say. I don’t want to use an internet picture, but photos that I’ve taken aren’t really that great either. Maybe I’ll illustrate. Should do color? pen? paint? try the comic app? Suddenly, I’m lost in a whirlwind of distraction and the post is forgotten.  This dilemma may be what instantly drew me to this new blog Failures In Nature Photography: Bad pics. Good information.”

Here they embrace the flaws and use it in a brilliant way! I’m so entertained and inspired right now!

This Week’s Favorite Blog post:

So many of us bloggers struggle with consistent posting, and Inspire Me Mom gives a  mom’s take on how to create and keep a writing schedule. One of her first points gave me a well needed gut punch, “You are either serious or not.” Ouch! The gut punch was followed by great advice and links to help carve out time for consistent writing.

This Week’s Favorite Video:

Besides balancing a checkbook, I don’t remember anyone teaching me much about money in my young life. There are so many mistakes as I’ve learned about money throughout life. I wonder how much would be different if I knew these things growing up?


This Week’s Favorite App:

“I can’t imagine a person becoming a success who doesn’t give the game of life everything he’s got.”    – Walter Cronkite


Challenge Day’s ‘Be the Change” app delivers a quote and a challenge for each day of the year that pushes people to be more for themselves, and for the lives of their families, their jobs, their communities. Today’s challenge: “…is two risk that may result in failing. Once you do, you have taken the first step toward success.”

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  1. Such a nice and fun moment you share! You write this personal story very well, like how you narrated it. Appreciate the blog post share as well! Hope you have a great weekend!


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