Sylvia Jo’s Friday Favorites


Happy Friday Everyone! As I make it through the week, I am making a point to note my favorite personal moments–because it’s important to focus on the good stuff that happens in life. Additionally I’m posting my favorite blog, new blogger, video, and app for the week. Who knows, maybe something here will be helpful to you. I hope so.

I love to play. Love to laugh. This moment where I annoyed my husband to madness is my favorite moment of the week. It seemed silly to make a post about it, but I never want to take these moments for granted.  Read about it here.

Oh! Another personal moment. . . Friday Fav’s getting posted on FRIDAY! SUCCESS! I’m making progress!

Kelly New Book

I’ve been checking out a lot of book review sites out lately because I’ve been thinking of doing some book reviews in addition to my regular lifestyle posts.  When I go to these sites I’m viewing through the lens of a reader but also looking at every detail of the page set up because I’m looking for ideas and looking to learn from the reviewer’s out there.

Kelly New Book is a new site, but within 5 minutes I was impressed by her set up, and  I already picked up a few ideas to help me should I go this route.
A World With Indescribable Beauty–There’s a flower park that may be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I could close my eyes and imagine dancing there. Then there is a glowworm cave that I feel like I could sit in forever (as long as nothing crawls on me).

The team at Life Plan posts a new picture almost every day. Sometimes the picture is from their travels. Some are just majestic or beautiful. Every day, usually in the morning, a notification from the Life Plan blog means I’m about to see something beautiful and meaningful. Who doesn’t want to start the day with something beautiful and meaningful?

This awesome story about how Neil Parischa got the best blog in the WORLD award. Not just best on WordPress or best in US, but in the WORLD. It says a lot about his topic and how much it’s needed in the world.  It’s 17 minutes long, and worth every minute.


PicSee is the most user friendly app that I’ve come across for adding and editing text to photos. I’ve used it on every blog post so far that has wording over pictures, or just some fancy fonts or typography. There are some in-app purchases, but so far I’ve done well without having to spend more than a couple of dollars.  What do you all use for typography and text over photos?


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