Better Late Than Never

img_7421This is late I know. Setting this up took longer than expected, and I considered changing the name to hide its lateness.  I’ve decided to own my lateness, post it anyway and get my Friday Faves out on time next week.

Anyway here is my favorite moment, blog, new blogger, video and app for the past week. I hope you enjoy them. Cheers!

I was hopeful and afraid all at once. This was the first week in a very long time that I did’t wake up with headaches. I’m finally sleeping. Really sleeping. Now that I’m sleeping and other health issues are under control, I have no excuses. Its time to get healthier and stronger. I’ve decided to make second website, operate both blogs, and share my journey to better health.  I have hope because there is no reason I shouldn’t achieve my goals, yet I’m afraid of failing especially since I plan to share the journey publicly.

On Fridays, I spend a small amounts of time reading and giving feedback to new bloggers who have requested community feedback on the  Daily Post’s First Friday.  Gosh, I wish I could read them all, but there’s just no time. So instead, I dedicate a time block for reading new blogs and, now, based on whatever I read during that time, I plan to share my favorite. Now, believe me there are a ton of good blogs to be found in First Friday, and so this doesn’t mean one was better than all the rest—it means that something about this page spoke to my interest, or excited something in my soul.

This week Larry the Yonderer captured my attention with the beginnings of a pictorial blog in which he plans to share his travels in retirement. He’s fascinated with American history. As he visits places throughout our country he plans to share photos, history, and travel tips for the area. I don’t know if it’s the charm of his writing style, the promise of a travel blog through an educational lens, his Louis L’amour reference, or all the above that made me instantly want to follow this new blogger but I plan to follow this one!

His site is still under construction but check out his well-written story that tells what his page will be all about.
One of my biggest fears is having a family member affected dementia or being affected myself.

Goodbye Piper paints such a vivid picture the life and worries one has when dealing with such a condition.

Mind Blowing Art Advice by Robin Clonts. Somehow, while searching Game of Thrones theory videos, I stumbled upon this nugget. I was immediately entranced by Robin’s painting and advice. While the title suggest the advice is just about art. . . its not. Its solid life advice that also happens to apply to art.

Besides google, the app I just cant live without is Awesome Cal. For years I’ve searched for calendar apps that let me view everything (work email, home-gmail, Facebook events, etc) all in one place.

Now there are many calendar apps that do this, but this one, also pulls birthdays, tasks, reminders and notes from each different location and puts them together in one spot. I’ve been using it for a while now, and as school started recently it became the hero of my week as I work to meet appointments and needs for work, kids, clubs, and home.

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