A Funny Moment with Dry Shampoo


My blog is about sharing the educational, inspirational and funny moments of life. I enjoy sharing the funny moments most, and while I’ve already shared this story on Facebook, Snap chat, and at work, I feel like I’m leaving my readers out, and I must share.

Before I get started lets talk about what dry shampoo is. It is an aid, or as I call it, a blessing for anyone who has naturally oily hair. It is a powdery substance that absorbs oil in your hair, that adds life and volume back to your hair, without having to actually shampoo it.

I get this question a lot!  It seems that over shampooing is the absolute wrong thing to do because the more we wash the oil out, the more oil our bodies produce to replace the oil that we are stripping out of our hair. Contrary to what we want, our body needs our hair to have some oil and over washing just kicks our oil production into overdrive. A catch 22.

Recently, I discovered, that to slow down the body’s oil production, I needed to wash my hair less. Instead of washing my hair once a day, sometimes twice a day, I needed to wash it every other day and I learned that people use dry shampoo to help keep the hair dry, full of body, and looking fresh between washes.

Last year, I didn’t even know dry shampoo existed. Since then, I’ve had time to test many over the counter brands and decide on my favorite: Batiste. Not only do they have a spray that does not leave your hair looking dusty, they have tinted shampoos too.


Last Monday, I used my Batiste with a hint of colour: Divine Dark. I’ve used it many times, and I love that it also helps camouflage some of the grays sprouting on my head.

Last Monday, though, we had pizza day at work. Our company provides lunch to all of the employees from time to time.  This day we just finished serving up 100 pizzas, and I went out to take the empty boxes to the dumpster. As I emptied boxes from my SUV, the sky went from gray, but dry, to pouring in just a few minutes. I got soaked through and through.

I did what I could to dry off, went to my desk and tried to get back to work, when an employee walked up. img_7075-1

It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, but it seems that my dry shampoo doesn’t do well with rain. I was sitting there looking like a melting hot fudge sundae.

I ran to the bathroom to dry my face, neck and hair. Women were talking to me in there, and I tried to look as normal as possible as I rubbed paper towels in my hair.  I was holding conversation mean while every swath of paper coming away from my hair is coated with  dark brown tint all over it. Yeah . . this is perfectly normal. Nothing to see here.

This experience has given me something to laugh about all week. I will continue using dry shampoo, but the experience gives me incentive to check the weather and make sure I prepare accordingly.

I still suggest dry shampoo to anyone battling the oily hair issue. Just be careful with the tinted stuff.


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    1. I’m so glad this brought you laughter. I love sharing the funny things that happen to me. The world is so full of negativity, it feels great to just bring smiles. Thank you so much for taking time to read my work.

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