Here is a Danger sign that should have made me pause or turn around. It’s a preview of stories to come. This sign was along the course of a 12 mile obstacle course race that I had no business being in, yet somehow I was in it. It was one of the best, worst and most memorable adventures of my life.

via Photo Challenge: Danger!

8 thoughts on “Danger!

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      1. lol I’ll write about that day soon. When you see my finish line photo… it’s not joyful or victorious. I look at it and think it says “wth just happened?” “Get me out of here” or “I want my mama”

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      2. oh jeez, I can imagine it right away – that’s what I meant by ‘what are you doing?’ more like: what are you doing to yourself? đŸ˜€

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    1. Hey! A fellow mud runner (or in my case jog/mostly walker) … I love the warrior dash. Got married at one. Yeah they have their signs…but Tough mudder wasn’t joking. I had no business out there… my finish line photo is not joyous… it’s a mix of wth just happened, I want my mama, please god say it’s over, I can’t feel my fingers … I should have gave the medics a sign six miles ago

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